Purses. An Non-Binary Essay


I taught myself how to hand-sew.

Making purses is important part of my non-binary lifestyle and gender identity-expression.

2013 is the year I first started sewing.  I was living in Denver, Colorado and ended up meeting Mondo Guerra, winner of Project Runway.  I became inspired by American designers living their dream and competing for bigger opportunities.

I go on a journey with the hand bags I create;  these fabric selections reflect a nod to the unseen energy of the universe.

Each purse has a narrative for the wearer to learn, a special kind of magic based on the design point-of-view.  Sometimes, we outgrow purses and require a new perspective to transcend a paradigm in the outer limits of the purse dimension.

For me, I believe cruelty-free animal prints is the art nouveau for the modern times.