The Birth of Modern Glitter

Philip Chanin explores the narrative of Modern Glitter, how craft for children became the voice of the forlorn.

We follow a series of photographs to uncover the channeling of simplistic statements of raw unvarnished glitter art as intuit movement for outsider disabled artist, Philip Chanin.


This was in New Orleans, I found work as a house-boi.  this would have been 2010.  I was experimenting with miniature glitter portraiture at the time, I would always paint over these, but I always admire the state of them in this quality, just unfettered with decisions but individual tones of glitter ombre work.


12615235_10208442951294297_5298871629720449316_oThis is 2015.  I moved back to Nashville, Tennessee briefly.  Here they are decorative, as accents.  Soon they would become their own collection.

Oakland, 2017.  The Space Age Atomic Style has found a match in the glitter.  Singular pieces begin to evolve, taking form.


I began to experiment with whole modern glitter collections in Oakland, playing with fluorescent and neon tones as well as metallic and monochromatic pigment schemes.




IMG_20170527_162210 (1)